Welly Wednesday

The Amber Flag Committee members pictured with a member of the 95FM team who recently called
to the school to collect several wellingtons which were filled to the brim with change kindly donated
by the pupils and parents of Knockainey National School. Money raised will go to CARI, The
Children’s Ark and Cliona’s Foundation. Thank you to all who contributed.

National Mental Health Week 7th -13th October

This week was National Mental Health Week. To mark this very important week and to highlight the
importance of talking about our feelings and thinking about other people’s feelings, we encouraged
all pupils to take part in our “Feel Good Week”. Pupils completed mediation & breathing exercises as
well as some fun and active Go-Noodle dance routines. They coloured some mindfulness colouring
sheets and completed an activity for inclusion on and around the Amber Flag board which is
displayed at the heart of the school. The themes of friendship, bullying and ways to cope with our
feelings was discussed with each of the classes. Daily affirmations were discussed such as, Don’t
sweat the small stuff, eat well, feel well and a problem shared is a problem halved. Pupils were also
encouraged to complete their feel good homework every night, whereby they had to do something
to make themselves and those around them feel good. The Amber Flag Committee would like to
thank all pupils, staff and parents for their participation.

When it rains, look for rainbows. When it is dark, look for the stars.

Senior Infant and 1st Class Daffodils

Mrs. Davern’s Senior Infants and First Class recently planted daffodils. They discussed living and non- living things and learnt how to differentiate between the two. They also learnt the requirements needed for plants to grow and that all living things undergo seasonal change. We will have a while to wait before we see any signs of our yellow daffodils – another lesson in life to be taught… All good things come to those who wait!!!

Walk On Wednesday

This coming week 14th – 18th of May is National Walk to School Week. The Green School Committee, supported by the Active Flag Committee wish to encourage all pupils to participate and either walk, park ‘n’ stride or car-pool to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of this wonderful initiative.

Wednesday 16th of May is National WOW day and it is hoped that over 20,000 pupils will make an attempt to walk some distance on that day – 35,000 students walked on WOW Day in 2017.

To mark National WOW Day , we are encouraging pupils, all staff and parents to wear a wacky item of footwear, for example odd shoes or odd socks and walk from the community centre on the morning of the 16th May.

We wish to thank you for your continued participation in WOW –Walk on Wednesday.

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