Junior Infant Early Intervention Station Teaching

Early Intervention Station Teaching has commenced in our Junior Infant classroom.

During this time the children are placed in mixed ability groupings where they rotate between 3 different stations where they explore different aspects of Reading, Numeracy and Literacy.

  • At the Reading Station: Pupils use knowledge of first letter sounds and picture cues to read the text and put some sight words in context whilst also developing sound blending.
  • At the Writing Station: Pupils began working on fine motor skills exercises to aid their pencil grip and control of the pencil. They have now started revising the formation of letters. They will begin practicing writing numerous letters to form words.
  • At the Numeracy Station: Children explore components of the numbers 1-5 including matching number of objects to numerals and partitioning sets.

Spring Clean 2018

On Monday the 30th of April, all pupils of Knockainey National School took part in the Annual Spring Clean.

All classes were designated an area within Knockainey Village and set to work picking up any litter they could find. A large sign and two bags of rubbish, {four bags in total} were gathered consisting of rubbish plucked from ditches, picked from the side of footpaths and collected from around the community centre and the church.

Well done to all pupils who took part and well done to the Knockainey community for keeping our village so pristine.

Walk On Wednesday – WOW

The Green School Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and students who are participating in WOW- Walk on Wednesday.

Not only are you decreasing your Carbon Footprint but you are also increasing your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as spending important quality time with your children. It has been noted by teachers that students are happier and more alert in class as a result of this early morning exercise. We will for the remainder of this school year be continuing with WOW, but we also encourage pupils and parents to consider to park ‘n’ stride on other days when/if the fine weather ever appears.

Before we began WOW, 0% of pupils were making any attempt to walk/ park ‘ n’ stride. We now have over 70% of the pupils parking at the community centre and walking to school with a further 17% coming on the school bus and 2% walking from their homes. This means that 89% of the school population are making an attempt to lower their carbon footprint on their journey to school on a Wednesday. Every little bit helps!!!
The Green School Committee would like to thank all pupils, parents, and staff for their continued support and to keep up the good work. We look forward to further Transport Flag initiatives in the coming months and the next school year.

Don’t forget to recycle & reuse, be energy aware and conserve water. We want to keep the three flags we have and hopefully, add to the collection with the Transport Flag next year.

First Holy Communicants 2018

Congratulations to our First Holy Communicants 2018.

Each and every child looked beautiful as they received Jesus for the first time. These children are a credit to their school, parents and the community. Huge thanks to our children’s choir, and all who helped to make the day so special.

Mackey Cup 2018

Congratulations to Fionnán Leahy and Mr. Cleary who were involved with the South team in the recent Mackey Cup win.

The South played the West in the first game, winning comprehensively on a scoreline of 4-4 to 0-3. They went on play an excellent City team in the final. It was an exhilarating game and was end to end for a long time. Thankfully, the South came out on top by 2 points after extra time.

Fionnán had a superb game at wing back in both games, and we have no doubt that he has a very bright future ahead of him.