Green Schools – Week 2

Knockainey National School
Knockainey Green Schools

Well done to all who completed last week’s activities. We received some lovely pictures of you with your completed projects. This week we have set out two more activities for you to complete. Please share photos of you completing these activities and send them to either or and we will be delighted to share them on the school website for all to see.

Activity One

Make a necklace bird feeder to hang on a tree/shrub.

Make the following bird feeder necklace using your leftover food. Place out in the garden. Then sit well back and wait. Record any birds that enter the garden and eat from your bird feeder necklace. You may have to research and look up some of the birds to find out their names.

Activity Two

Make a footprint trap to discover what animals visit your garden at night.

Keep up all the fantastic work that you are doing and don’t forget to go outside, enjoy the fine weather, have fun and make lots of memories with your family.

Keep Safe & Best Wishes,

The Green School Committee.