Green School – Activities for Outdoors

We the Green School Committee hope you are well and that you are enjoying the fine weather we have had over the last few weeks. As you are all aware, we are currently in the first year of a two-year process to achieve our fifth green flag, the biodiversity flag. We, the Green School committee wanted to share some Green Schools resources with you all so that we can continue our learning around the theme of Biodiversity. The following is a link for a PowerPoint on this theme.

We hope you would share this resource with you son/daughter and encourage them to discuss the recent visits of Geoff Hunt to our school. While visiting our school Geoff completed a lesson on trees with the 5th & 6th, made a bug hotel with the 4th class and explored the theme of birds with the younger classes. In addition to this, Ms.Morris’ class, with the help of Ms.Morris, Mrs.Davern, Mrs.Conway and Niall our caretaker, planted some wildflower seeds. Unfortunately, we have not been able to return to the school to see the fruits of our labour.

Following on from this, we hope to provide you on a regular basis, with some lovely hands on, outdoor activities for you to do with your child. These activities will keep our students involved and engaged with the theme of Biodiversity. We would love to see and will share on our website images of the children engaging with these activities.

Activity 1:- Seedling Plant Pots

Age Group: Junior Primary

A step-by-step guide on how to make your own seedling plant pots. All you need is a scissors, loo roll tubes and a marker. It’s very easy and can be completed by young children. Give loo roll tubes a second use and save money on buying new plant pots to sow your seeds in.

Activity 2:- Bug Hotel

Age Group: Junior & Senior Primary

A step-by-step guide on how to make your very own miniature DIY Bug Hotel. All you need is a scissors, string and three plastic bottles and to go foraging for dried autumn debris. It’s very easy and can be completed by young children with the help of an adult or older child.

A more difficult version for the older pupils can be found on this link.

Well done to all who completed last week’s activities. We received some lovely pictures of you with your completed projects. Many thanks for sharing these pictures with us.

Please Stay tuned to our website for next weeks activities 🙂

Green Schools Committee