Board of Management

We here at Knockainey National School pride ourselves upon our wonderful place of learning. It is bright, colourful, warm and welcoming. In a team spirit akin to that of a family, we in Management, in harmony with our excellent teaching staff all working hand in hand with extraordinary parents and an extremely effective Parents Association together work tirelessly to ensure that the children who sit in our classrooms, walk our corridors, play in our yard and field are educated to the highest standards and cared for and loved to the very best of our ability. The teaching facilities are modern and the pedagogy skills are current and innovative. In a holistic approach to learning we endeavour to make EXCELLENCE our standard in providing education, instilling confidence, encouraging meaningful growth both spiritually and socially all of which happens within a space that is safe and surroundings that are both comfortable and comforting.

It is precisely the great school that it is because the standards in all areas are set high and we teach by example. We, the entire school team, desire the words of H. Jackson Brown to ring true for our students: “Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you!”

We, on the Board of Management, commend, congratulate and thank all who have been involved, in anyway, in bringing this web-space to life. I hope that you find this well created and wonderfully crafted site useful, interesting and informative. Please feel free to be a regular visitor to this page so as to keep up to date with all the activities, information and school news within our happy and safe environment of learning and growth.

The Board of Management of Knockainey N.S. consists of eight members as listed below. Its main function is to manage the school on behalf of the patron and for the benefit of the students in accordance with ministerial policy.

Chairperson: Rev. Fr. Edward Cleary P.P.
Bishop’s Nominee: Maria O’ Riordan (Treasurer)
Secretary: Marie Moloney (Principal)
Teacher Nominee: Kieran Cleary
Parent Nominees: Esther Hurley and John Macnamara
Community Nominees: Rachel Hayes and John Cooke

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