Biodiversity Week 2020

Knockainey National School

For the months of April and May, students in the younger rooms – Juniors to Second have been patiently observing the magical process of metamorphosis unfold before their very eyes.

Mr.Cleary, Mrs.Conway and Ms. Morris welcomed five new additions into their classroom in the form of five hungry caterpillars.

These caterpillars grew significantly over the course of ten days, at which point
they began to form their chrysalises and begin the metamorphosis process. The children anxiously waited for two weeks for butterflies to emerge and were very lucky to witness this magical process unfold, with some even been caught on camera. This was an amazing experience for both the pupils and staff. During National Biodiversity Week, we set our 15 Painted Ladies free.

Many thanks to all the children involved for keeping a close eye on the caterpillars and keeping us all update on their progress.

Well done to all and many thanks for your continued support,
The Green School Committee.