50/50 Split the Pot

Hello all. We live in challenging and uncertain times. Many of the familiar patterns of life are changing rather dramatically in the unchartered waters in which we now find ourselves. In the interest of the well being of our committee members, and the over all health of the public, our 50/50 RED Bucket ‘split the pot’ draw will be postponed until such time as the Department of Health indicates that it is safe to resume the normal styles and structures of life that we had all taken so much for granted. While regrettable we must do the right thing for all and we trust that you will understand. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, the RED buckets will return to the locations that you had grown accustomed to seeing them at. Thank you all for your support to date, a sincere word of gratitude to the establishments that so generously accommodated us and hosted a bucket. Those who have an entry in the present buckets will be in the first draw that takes place in a Covid19-free Ireland. Please mind yourselves, stay safe and take care of each other.
Fr. Sean Fennelly (Chairperson).